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Marketing Operations 2021 and Onwards

Marketing Operations Management is something we neglect in the early stages of the business but when the things get traction and everything starts moving fast, we realize that our marketing is a mess of stressed team members, endless task lists and unrealistic schedules.

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9 Quick Anti-Stress Techniques for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

The job of the marketer is one of the most stressful in the modern business world. Not to mention the mental state of entrepreneurs and managers. Practically all of us have to react to dynamic situations, to deal with short deadlines, dissatisfied customers, too much work, problems encountered, criticism and many more.

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7 Invaluable Home Office Lessons

I have always been a huge fan of working from home or from anywhere else, as long as it has no fixed working hours or location. With a few interruptions, I spent many years working the way I dreamed.

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Big Boys Get Big Problems

We all have problems and issues in our lives. Usually, our issues always look more prominent and scarier than those of others. We don’t like problems and difficulties. We even hate them. They are kind of things in our lives we want to avoid at all cost.

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20 Ways To Say No

People don’t like to reject others because they are afraid of not being liked by their colleagues, spouses, customers, partners. However, in most cases, you should say “No” if you want to defend your time, goals, and interests.

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12 Steps to Self Respect

Do you want to get the respect of others – in the office, on the street, in your community? The funny thing is that getting respect is an internal process that could be expressed outside, but starts from inside for sure. If you want to get others’ respect, you have to gain self-respect first. But what is the self-respect? It is a mixture of the following main substances.

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The Power of the Clean Desk

A few months ago, my desk in the office looked like a big alien monster with countless sheets and pieces of paper, stickies, ten different pens and pencils, mugs, notebooks, and all that stuff that piles up while you work months and years on one place.

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