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M.I.T.F. stands for Marketing In The Flow. This is a marketing management framework developed by Boril Bogoev, Ph.D. (this is me) based on 18+ years marketing and marketing management intense  experience.

I work as a Fractional CMO. This is my way to deliver value and make impact to many companies at the same time.

Here you will also learn more about the Fusion method for implementing MITFF and about the unique and comprehensive marketing management platfoem – MITF Bridge.

Boril Bogoev, Ph.D.

 I consider my main role and mission to be driving the businesses forward with efficiency, profitability and growth. I have 18+ years of 360-degree experience in marketing, business and technology – from strategy to hands-on execution.

My collaborations are anchored in professionalism, a methodical approach, and data-centric decisions.  

My comprehensive experience across all echelons makes partnering with me an effortless and productive endeavor.

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Fractional CMO

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a marketing professional who works on a part-time or contract basis to provide high-level strategic marketing expertise and leadership to companies that may not require a full-time CMO or who want to access specialized skills for a specific period.

Hiring a fractional CMO can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time CMO, as it allows companies to tap into experienced talent without incurring the same level of financial commitment.

Marketing In The Flow

The Marketing in the Flow (MITF) methodology implements 12 marketing domains and handles 6 marketing dynamics. It provides structure and methodology to audit, build, improve and develop all aspects of marketing operations management.

Every component within the ‘Marketing in the Flow Framework’ (MITFF) is designed for quantifiable evaluation. For each of the twelve marketing domains, I have established a comprehensive set of trackable metrics, termed the ‘KPIs Matrix’.

Furthermore, this KPIs Matrix has been systematically integrated into each of the five marketing dynamics. This ensures a holistic view, seamlessly merging strategic insights with tactical specifics.

MITFF doesn’t merely deliver results—it offers the tools to precisely measure and assess them.

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MITF Fusion Method

Marketing in the Flow framework’s implementation is backed by thje Marketing Fusion method.

It applies all the practices and procedures to the marketing team of the client, adapting to the size and the needs of the organization.

MITF Bridge Platform

Marketing Bridge is an all-in-one marketing operations management platform. It has 3 versions, 11 modules and tens of templates. Continuously improved.

The platform structure and elements are designed to align with the most common marketing management workflows and to provide clean structure, accessibility and control.

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