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If you send business to me, I will show my gratitude! I believe in helping each other. The commission is only the beginning of our partnership.

Referral Program

Yes, I have a referral program and it is simple and strong. Here are the steps:

01 – Arrange. Please, discuss with the potential client. Speak about my services and see if the clients is showing interest. We need hot leads, not cold ones.

02 – Ask for permission. Tell them that you are going to share their details with me and that I will contact them soon.

03 – Fill the form below and double check the details.

04 – Agreement. For each referred lead, I will send you a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) stating clearly the client details, the terms of our agreement, as shown on this page.

05 – Follow up with me after a week or so. If I succeed to close the deal, I will contact you for sure, but it doesn’t hurt if you give me a call or drop me a message.

06 – Commissions. If I close a deal with a client, referred by you… You get 20% commission from the first payment on the project and 5% of all subsequent payments. Forever (i.e. for the entire time I work with this client).

Client Referral Form

Please, enter the correct data for you and the potential client (lead). One form submission per lead.