Bad Habits Demolition Sequence

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All of us follow specific patterns in our behavior. These patterns (habits, rituals) drive us all the time. Some patterns are moving us towards our goals and work for our good and wealth. There are some also habits that are not good for us and can damage our bodies, our souls, our relationships.

As we are rational creatures, we should interrupt our harmful patterns and improve and create good habits. I am a fan of Tony Robbins’ methodology, and I use his Pattern-breaking routine daily. During my practice, I have adapted his method to my routine, and I can tell you that it works. In this post, I am going to share with you my Bad Habits Demolition Sequence.

The Sequence

  1. Identify the bad patternYou should be aware that you have a bad (one or more) habit and to know what it is. 
  2. Catch and break. Catch and break the wrong pattern when you perceive its manifestation. 
  3. Attach pain. Attach massive pain to the situation in which you continue to have that lousy pattern. 
  4. Find the Bright Side. Find the better half of this pattern. Find a positive pattern to exchange the bad one. 
  5. Attach pleasure. Attach massive pleasure and fun to the new positive habit. 
  6. Apply consistently. Apply the positive pattern for at least 33 to 66 days, and the wrong model is gone! 

Here’s an example of applying this sequence to a real problem. This example is a brief description based on my experience.

The Example

  1. Identify the bad patternYou overeat. You should consider this a problem to identify it as a bad habit. If you like to eat and you don’t think it is wrong, this is not a bad habit from your point of view.
  2. Catch and break. Look at yourself, and when you notice the start of the usual cramming, do something weird. The idea is to break the pattern and shock yourself. For example, you can scream with a thin voice, “I am getting fatter, FATTER, F-A-T-T-E-R!!!” Every time you notice yourself cramming, do the same pattern-breaking action.
  3. Attach pain. Imagine yourself so fat with a mouth full of food. Imagine the impact on your health. See the girls/boys making fun with you. Imagine the disgust in the eyes of other people that meet you. Understand the truth that you are so fat (imagine it) that you cannot even scratch your butt.
  4. Find the Light. Find a positive substitute for cramming. What is it? Maybe it is not following a diet. As Tony Robbins says, “… people don’t like diets because they subconsciously think that the name “diet” comes from the word “die” …” :). Maybe you have to decrease the volumes you gulp down. Perhaps you should shift your mind and become a vegetarian? Who knows. Just find the way that fits best for you. Prepare a plan and follow it.
  5. Attach pleasure. Imagine and feel how good it will be for you to follow the new positive pattern. See yourself thinner. See the girls/boys trying to flirt with you. Feel your new and more beautiful body. Feel the pleasure of having such a perfect and efficient vehicle in your life. Now you can take on just one seat in the cinema or on the plane. Imagine this, feel it, see it, touch it.
  6. Apply consistently. The habit itself is something like software. For this software to be installed, there is an installation wizard, and it has the name “Repetition.” You should apply this sequence (1 to 5) consistently – every time you catch yourself using the lousy pattern. 

Do this for at least one-two weeks and observe the results. And I promise you that there will be results!