What are the Main Obstacles for Career Success in UAE?

What are the Main Obstacles for Career Success in UAE? - MARKETING in the FLOW - blog careerinuae 1

I assume that you are well qualified and willing to work hard while getting a high salary in a good company in the United Arab Emirates. Why then you are still not getting there? What could be the obstacles?

Obstacle #1: It is Hard to be Noticed

There are thousands of job hunters in the UAE and even more now, during the COVID-19 crisis. Most of them are desperate to find a job and are applying everywhere. 

Most of them even apply for jobs that are not even relevant to their experience and skills. 

This causes a lot of noise and makes it incredibly hard for recruiters and employers to discover the right candidate. 

Even if you are the perfect match, they won’t notice your CV among all the hundreds of applicants. 

Obstacle #2: You are Not Winning the Numbers Game

In job hunting, success is a numbers game. If you do not submit enough amount of applications, you will not reach the critical mass needed to get through the hype.

In some of the industries, the ratio is even 500:1. That means you need to submit at least 500 application in order to receive one invitation for interview.

So, if you are not doing enough, you cannot reach the tipping point.

Obstacle #3: You are Not Remarkable Enough

If you get long-listed, another problem appears. At this, semi-final stage, you will be in the company of the best of the best candidates. Each one of you have overcame the competition of hundreds of other applicants.

If you are not remarkable in your presentation and appearance, you can get rejected on this stage as well. In this case you are not going to get the call for interview.

I can state some more obstacles, but I think those are the major ones. If you succeed to go through them, your chances for success increase dramatically.

So much with the bad news. Let’s get some positive vibes. What could be your strategy for success in UAE?