The Power of the Clean Desk

The Power of the Clean Desk - MARKETING in the FLOW - blog cleandesk

A few months ago, my desk in the office looked like a big alien monster with countless sheets and pieces of paper, stickies, ten different pens and pencils, mugs, notebooks, and all that stuff that piles up while you work months and years on one place.

 This white-yellow-blue pile generated a lot of stress and anxiety in my soul. So, one day, I decided to fix it up. Here’s what I have done:

  • I have taken all documents concerning dead/finished projects and stored them in archive boxes. I put these boxes in a single cabinet close to my desk. 
  • I have ordered all documents concerning current projects on folders – one folder per project. I put these folders in a cabinet, too. 
  • I have thrown away all Post-it! Pieces, stickies, etc. 
  • I have left only one pen on the desk. 
  • I have left only one notebook on my desk. 

I cannot describe the pleasure (even – ecstasy), which I felt when I saw my “new” desk. It now contained:

  • My computer. 
  • My phone. 
  • A pen. 
  • A notebook. 
  • Nothing more. 

I can tell that now it is a pure pleasure to work, write, or just surf sitting behind my desk. I now feel (a feeling unknown before) calmness and freedom. Now I am free of the yoke of paper. I call my office – “The Paperless Bureau” and I love it!