Marketing Operations 2021 and Onwards

Marketing Operations 2021 and Onwards - MARKETING in the FLOW - blog mktoperations

Marketing Operations Management is something we neglect in the early stages of the business but when the things get traction and everything starts moving fast, we realize that our marketing is a mess of stressed team members, endless task lists and unrealistic schedules.

At this point we realize that we should have been investing more time in building our marketing processes and establishing an efficient and scalable marketing framework for our team.

I would like to share some online resources related to the state of Marketing Operations today and its importance for the future.

A Solid Marketing Operations Team Is Critical In 2021 – Here’s How To Build It
Here are 6 strategies to help set up and manage your marketing ops team. Read more >>

Five Reasons Marketing Will Be Very Different In 2021
Here are five marketing predictions for 2021 — with the caveat that our world seems less predictable than ever. Read more >>

Why Is Marketing Operations So In Right Now?
If you haven’t heard of marketing operations, sometimes affectionately referred to as “MOPs” you will soon. Since the inception of marketing, we have always viewed it as a soft skill, focused on brand building, creative ideas, and content hooks. However, the rise of complex marketing software has created a growing need for more technical skills among marketing professionals, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Read more >>

Marketing Operations: The Guide for 2021
Marketing Operations grew significantly with the rise of Marketing Automation Platforms such as Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, HubSpot, etc. With new Marketing Automation (and its umbrella category “Marketing Technology”), there began a new list of responsibilities that needed to be accomplished within Marketing departments. Read more >>

Marketing Operations Trends and Planning for 2021
Now, more than ever, effective marketing is paramount if businesses want to be successful. Marketing operations stand central to the efficiency of a businesses marketing activities. It will therefore have to adapt to the changing marketing landscape in the wake of the pandemic. Read more >>

Marketing Operations – Fuel the future of operational excellence
Marketing operations leaders are a growing presence on successful marketing teams. As the complexity of marketing increases and budgets tighten, marketing leaders are placing a greater emphasis on marketing operations. Read more >>

Please, share your thoughts and experience with marketing operations in your organization.