Big Boys Get Big Problems

Big Boys Get Big Problems - MARKETING in the FLOW - blog problems

We all have problems and issues in our lives. Usually, our issues always look more prominent and scarier than those of others. We don’t like problems and difficulties. We even hate them. They are kind of things in our lives we want to avoid at all cost.

Can we live without any problems and issues? Is it possible to have none of them?

When I was very young, one of my biggest problems was that the kids in kindergarten took my toy and broke it. When I started school, I had a problem writing homework and learning Maths. Then I grew older, and I had a problem with my belly and my fat lower-back-part.

Have you noticed that even the physical size of the issues increases with age?

At the end of high school, my problems revolved around some love affairs. I started my first business at university, and it failed.

Problems. Problems. Problems.

Let me not continue that things are getting even dirtier and messed up. However, I’m here, writing this post and feeling better and more alive than ever.

Also, I look at other people. My happiest looking friends are having problems of some kind. Take the wealthiest people on the planet, for example. They seem carefree, but in fact, they deal with issues – on daily basis – that are even beyond the common man’s understanding.

Observing the problems all of us have, I summarized my observations by presenting some lessons that I learned over the course of my long and not-so-easy life:

1: Whenever you “have” a problem, both the power and the opportunities to deal with it come to you. You have to watch and listen carefully, act at the right time, and not give up, despite the difficulties.

2: As we grow older, we get more and more problems because our ability to cope with them grows proportionally.

3: The growing number and size of our problems is a sign that we are progressing and developing.

4: Lack of problems is a sign of stagnation, but since boredom is, in essence, a problem, there is clearly no situation where we have no issues at all.

5: It is better to think of problems as “challenges” and “lessons”. It is more practical and easier to understand and tackle them.

6: A good strategy is to outgrow the problem, grow bigger than it. We are no longer the “little scared kid”.

7: The problems are the lessons we need to learn and exams to pass. If they are keep repeating, this means we haven’t learned them yet. And if we do not learn the lesson, the repetition is always of greater magnitude and strength.

8: You can fear the problems, but it is always better to choose the fight, not the escape. Every problem is weaker than you. Its purpose is to make you find that power – the power to defeat it – in yourself and bring it into the light.

9: Every problem has a solution. If there is no solution, then it is not a problem.

What kind of problems and issues do you have in your life and work?