12 Steps to Self Respect

12 Steps to Self Respect - MARKETING in the FLOW - blog selfrfespect

Do you want to get the respect of others – in the office, on the street, in your community? The funny thing is that getting respect is an internal process that could be expressed outside, but starts from inside for sure. If you want to get others’ respect, you have to gain self-respect first. But what is the self-respect? It is a mixture of the following main substances.

Know Your Success Stories

Know your ups, your successes. Know and remember clearly when you’ve won and what was your reward. Think about these successes; write them down. Do not forget them. They will motivate you and will protect you from the well-known vampire lord Fear de Failure.

Know Your Failures

Know them to learn from them. Learn the lessons, improve your skills, performance, abilities, etc. Then forget those failures. They cannot help you anymore.

Know Your Goals

If you know what your direction is, you will be able to find a way (or many ways) to get there. If you don’t know where you are going, every road will lead you there.

Know Where You Are On The Path to Success

It is not enough to know your goal. You need to know where you are on the road to your goal. How far is it? Are you on the right path? Always remember your position to your goal. If you are not on the right road – change it! If you are close – get closer. If you are still far away – keep walking.

Know Your Promises and Keep Your Word

In the old centuries keeping the word had been a matter of honor. Nowadays, we have forgotten this. Remember it! Promise hard, and never break your promises! Never! Know very well what have you promised and keep your word.

Be Honest With Yourself

Lie to others if you wish, but never lie to yourself. Be honest about what you want to do, who you want to be with, where you want to go, etc. Learn to listen to yourself. Do not listen to your fears or others. Listen to yourself and follow your Guiding Light.

Respect Your Body

Your body is your only vehicle in the Land of Life. Take care after it. Feed it with good food. Keep it clean and fully functional. Train it and improve its abilities. As better is your body, as better will be your trip on the Earth.

Respect Your Emotions

Know what you feel and let yourself feel it 100 percent! Do not suppress your feelings. Express them instead. They are like a turbulent river, and nothing could keep them inside you. They will find their way out.

Respect Your Mind

Your mind is your most precious weapon. Take care of it. Fill it with thoughts about the solutions, not about the problems. You can use it to win and conquer the world. Or you can use it to kill yourself. It’s up to you!

Respect Your Opinion

Your opinion is not less valuable than the opinions of others. Know your idea and respect the fact that you have it. Express it, and don’t be shy. It is yours and is valuable enough to be expressed and to be respected by others.

Respect Your Skills

Your set of skills is unique. I mean, really unique on the Earth. Why? Because you are unique, and your life is also unique. So you can be proud of your skills. Improve them and use them. Do your best, and follow the road to perfection.

Respect Your Talents

You are born with a purpose! And your Creator has given you all the talents and gifts you need to complete your mission here. So, know your abilities, work on them, improve them, and use the knowledge about them to find and fulfill your purpose. 


The others’ respect for you starts with your self-respect. When you respect yourself, others will respect you too. Otherwise, you’ve got nothing.