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Pre-Investment Marketing Roadmap

This package offers startups a comprehensive pre-investment marketing roadmap, helping VCs understand the startup’s marketing strategy and potential.

Services and Commitments

Marketing Strategy Assessment: In-depth review of the startup’s proposed marketing strategy and alignment with industry trends.

Marketing Roadmap Development: Collaborative creation of a detailed marketing roadmap with actionable steps and timelines.

Opportunity Identification: Identification of marketing opportunities and potential challenges to address before seeking investment.

VC-Focused Strategy Presentation: Presentation of the marketing roadmap to VCs, highlighting growth potential and strategies.

Investment Range

$3,500 – $6,000 per startup evaluation.

What is Hot About This Service?

Invest with Confidence Through Informed Marketing Roadmaps plus

  • Special pricing for evaluating multiple startups’ marketing roadmaps.
  • Exclusive access to quarterly VC-focused marketing strategy webinars.
  • Customized pre-investment marketing assessment report for each startup.

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